Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Fumes upcoming shows , New Record and Video

I have been booking shows around DFW, just thought you should know.

Starting Friday, October 16 at FallOut Lounge New Fumes with BlixaBoy (Wanz Dover's fantastic dubstep project) and SoundClash (Royal Highnuss +TomB).
Starts at 9:00
835 Exposition Ave
Dallas, TX 75226-1743
(214) 823-0675

Next: Saturday, October 17 at Arlington Info Shop. Its an all day festival celebrating the grand opening of the Info Shop with a whole bunch of bands playing including Zanzibar Snails. I can honestly say the Zanzibar Snails put on the only show that did not bore me at one point or another during their set this year. It completely captivated me. Awesome peeps as well. I'm excited to be playing right in the middle of the whole thing (around 5:00 or 6:00 i think).
This place sounds really interesting and hopeful. check them out, they will lend you a bike!

Friday, November 20 @ the Project House New Fumes with TV Torso, Cocky Americans and PVC StreetGang. love PVC StreetGang!
Project House: 2607 Wallnut Hill Ln. Dallas, Tx 75229

Saturday, November 28 @ Andy's in Denton New Fumes with Factory Party and PVC StreetGang.
Andy's : 122 N. Locust st. Denton, Tx 76201

I have more shows in the works, i will be sure to keep you updated.
There are many exciting things happening in New Fumes world...
the Bump and Assassination E.P. looks like it will be released on an exciting new label in early 2010. We are talking about a double 7" including a CD version with bonus material. Collectable hand made packaging, the works. Should be nice! I will Tell you about the label when things become a bit more solid, but things are looking good.

Also, this past weekend I began filming a video for "Teeth of the Sun", which is the second song on the new E.P.
Thanks to Jonathan Rudak (+friends) and James M. Johnston's camera ,this thing should look really nice. The location is stunning and surreal. I will be excited to share it with you when it is done.
you can hear the music at

So much happening....

Stay Tuned.