Sunday, April 18, 2010


Wow, Good Records' birthday was fun! Thanks for being there- it was a long, wet and loud day.
Here are the next New Fumes shows:

May 15 at Sons of Herman Hall (downstairs early 9:00) for ISHI's Cd release.

May 20 at the Kessler Theater in Oak Cliff. show starts at 7:00. The Diamond Age and Regina Chellew open. Both Diamond Age and Regina have not played live in a LONG time- this will be really good. Diamond Age is M Leer (Mandarin, History At Our Disposal) solo. Google him and see his connection with This Heat! Regina Chellew was in Captain Audio and Chao Music. She Rules.

Now, here's a download for ya------>

this is the FROGBOY album i did a while back called "rides golden thread". much of it was my laptop deathmatch material, mostly intrumental- still melodic, symphonic, electronic, psychedelic idm rock...
i would not be doing New Fumes without having done this stuff first. i think you will like it if you enjoy what i do now. maybe you will like it even more. ENJOY!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A little movie with a little diddy about having sun poisoning

check out the video for "teeth of the sun" from Bump and Assassination.
there will be an official version, but maybe you like seeing a work in progress...

New Fumes- Teeth of the Sun (long version) from daniel huffman on Vimeo.