Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Under Cover #1

I was thinking that New Fumes should start recording a few cover songs and just give them away as downloads.
So, I decided to start with this one by African (Zambian) psych rock legend Chrissy Zebby Tembo called "Feeling Good", from his 1974 album "My Ancestors".
I got turned on to this by Chris McGaha of PVC Street Gang who gave me a kick ass compilation of music a while back.
This song really appealed to me with its simplicity and kwirk... not to mention it's killer guitar action.
I can also really relate to the lyrics these days, so it seems like a perfect place to start.
I may have totally messed it up by doing my own version, but it was fun, so oh well.
Clay came over and put some more drum tracks on the ones and zeros as I am still trying to work out the best way to record drums at home.
Check it out :
Feeling Good by New Fumes

here's the original: