Thursday, March 25, 2010

Making Out with Kimberly

Okay... so, the next New Fumes show will be at Good Records on Record Store Day, Saturday, April 17. schedule here:

I'm still working out the details on getting the New Fumes album released... It's coming out, just "when?" and "how?" are the questions. It's an ever changing cosmos.The thing is done and mastered, ready to go.
Nevada Hill came over one night not long ago to talk about doing some art work for the release- we want to have this cool, hand made, silk screened, limited edition cover happening.
That same night , Chris and Chris from PVC Street Gang came over to talk about a split 7" we plan on doing (and maybe have Nevada do something for the cover as well).
We were listening to possible tracks to put on this 7" and I played what was the beginning of a new song I had started writing the night before. I told them I had no idea what to sing on it, so Chris M. busted out a pen and paper and started writing something right then. Nevada ran out to his car and grabbed his violin and a ring modulator and went to town on the track while Chris was still writing.
When Nevada was done, Chris was ready to sing and it happened like that.
Check out the result:

This is a picture of something I found in my front yard one day after work last summer. I had to document the randomness...Those are XX large Scooby Doo drawls we are looking at! It seemed fitting to go with a song about tripping on acid at a laundromat.