Thursday, October 1, 2015


Remember that time I found that baby owl and named it Billy?
I wrote this song to him and the little video I made of him matched up magically, Dark Side of The Moon/ Wizard of Oz style.
Sometimes my friend Clay Stinnett comes over with some drums and we jam out in the dome and I'll record it with a couple mics and a 4-track cassette recorder. I made this song out of part of one of those recordings. Then I made a jumbled lo-fi video for it. enjoy!
I don't come to post on this blog space very much. IG is really where I post the most to keep people up to date. Here's another birdflower song I made with Brooke. The album is coming along and is very close to be finished. I took a break for a while to focus on New Fumes recordings. I came back to birdflower with fresh ears and made big progress over the past couple weeks. This is one of the songs, though a different version will be on the album.