Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Ghostcar Album on iTunes (or for Free)!

Ghostcar's new album went live on iTunes, Amazon mp3 and other download sites.
We could really use the money from sales, but at the end of this note is also a free download.
We appreciate your support, but times are hard(we know). Ultimately we just want to share our music.
Titled "Geisterfahrer", which is a word German police call crazies on the Autobahn driving on the wrong side of the road at night with their headlights off.
I think the title fits the music.
We recorded it two and 1/2 years ago at the Echolab in Argyle with David Willingham . We just went in for a day and improvised for a few hours as usual. Karl and I mixed it this year just after Christmas. Karl would do a mix in Arizona and send it to me on the web, then i would do a mix and a tweek (if needed) and send it back. So on and so on.
We took so long to get around to mixing it because we hated it right after we recorded it. We were pretty bummed about it at first.
We put it away on a hard drive for a couple years, and when Karl came to visit for christmas he decided to go back and give it a listen.... there was some pretty good stuff on there. Strangely, i think it's our best and strongest album to date. Funny how that works.
Jimi Bowman at Klearlight studios did a fine job mastering the thing.
So, here it is:

Ghostcar - Geisterfahrer

free download (for the poor folks):


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