Thursday, January 19, 2012

This is Only a Test

So sorry for the lack of posts, I'm a bad blogger...
I'll make it up to you with some news and updates!
2012 has been really fun and exciting for me so far!
It started by playing an after party on NYE for The Flaming Lips/ Plastic Ono Band New Years show. It was supposed to take place at THE WOMB, but it got moved to the OKC farmers market. Long Story. Wayne Coyne had asked me to do an "electric sockhop version" of 'Thus Sprach Zarathustra' by Richard Strauss, "with paranoid soundscapes". That piece of music is famous for being the theme music in "2001: A Space Odyssey". I worked on it day and night all the way up to the event! Stardeath and White Dwarfs did a tripped out jam version of Stravinsky's 9th symphony.
With the fire marshall closing down the Womb, it all seemed uncertain wether or not it was going to happen at all or if anyone would be there if it did... It ended up being a really good time!
The next week, I played a show in Tulsa and ended up crashing in Wayne's Pink Floor studio in OKC again. It smells like a tire shop (because of the pink rubber floor) , with a hint of cigarettes and cheeseburgers. True scents of progress! Haha!
Long story short: I ended up writing a song with Wayne, made by mashing up two instrumental tracks I made in the Dome in Dallas and having Wayne arrange and sing over it. We did it really quickly over a day and a half, then we made a video for the song the next day.
Total trip! I'll be posting the video whenever it comes out, for sure, if the internet doesn't censor it.
Here's a video test George Salisbury of Delo Creative did with me, just outside of the Pink Floor Studio... I hope George doesn't mind me posting this. I think it looks wicked!
George is a master!

More news to come!

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